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Erkos :-) :-D
Ultra hyvä kommentti tuo -"josko niitä pöytiä vielä on vapaana -"

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Re: LINKIT vapaaenergia keksintöihin

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Löytyi pari minulle uutta juttua:



The Romanian engineer Nicolae Moraru(1910-1993) worked with Nikola Tesla to develop an "electronic installation of aerospace defense" that is almost unknown today. It was composed of a water reservoir and pump, air compressor, a 52-nozzle injector, energized (+) and (-) solenoids, windings on quartz tubes containing mercury-argon, and two monopole antennae (+) and (-). Water is pumped into the injector and mixed with compressed air to imitate the Lenard Effect and reproduce the intense electrostatic conditions in thunderclouds. The cloud is further ionized between screens charged with 50-75 KV. The Compton Effect gets involved when the quartz tubes induce UV photoionization, all in all resulting in "superplasma". A polarized 10 MHz carrier wave is added and radiated out separate antennae. When the positive and negative beams meet, they release a huge amount of raw power that destroys the target.
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