Laeerin energian mittaaminen tarkasti

Laeerin energian mittaaminen tarkasti

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Opi mittaamaan laserin teho oikein. Webinaari keskiviikkona klo 19-20.

In this webinar, you will learn how to measure laser energy accurately. You will also discover the tools that can help you maintain standardized quality and ensure end-users’ safety, therefore ensuring the success of your operations. Gentec-EO laser energy detector offering is made of three technologies:

Pyroelectric detectors
Photodiode-based detectors
Integrating sphere detectors

Each one is used for laser energy measurement within a specific range and designed to work with specific laser specs such as beam dimension, wavelength and repetition rate.

Many elements such as the optical components and surrounding environment have an impact on the energy your laser beam delivers. The intrinsic noise of the pulsed laser is also an important factor since it has a large impact on pulse-to-pulse energy stability.

If you manufacture medical equipment, you need to ensure patient’s safety and guarantee good operation for your customers.

If you integrate LIDAR systems you can’t afford to have variations in laser energy from pulse-to-pulse, otherwise the reflection would be meaningless.

If you do nuclear fusion research, you need to monitor all the laser lines that operate the system at different checkpoints in order to produce the desirable results.

We will be glad to see you there and answers your questions!

Presenter Ahmed Rihane - Sales Engineer for Gentec-EO

Ahmend is in charge of the US/Canada East coast at Gentec-EO. He has a solid technical background in physical engineering from Laval University and has more than 10 years of experience in the photonics/sensors industry.

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